Hilary Hughes

Hilary Hughes

Culture Editor/Critic/Correspondent

Currently: MTV News! My work has appeared in Esquire, Rolling Stone, NPR Music, The New York Times, Pitchfork, Elle, and more. Say hi: hilary.jane.hughes@gmail.com

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Springsteen article

I Went to My First Springsteen Concert, and All I Got Was This Stupid Revelation

There are rock stars who pack arenas, play for three and a half hours on any given weeknight, and make songs that have soundtracked American popular culture for the last 40 years and counting sound as though they were written yesterday. And then there are rock stars who do all of these things and ditch their spots centerstage to go dance with their mamas.

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It's Always The "Right Time" for Nikki Lane

Nikki Lane has a peculiar death wish....

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Hold On! to James Hunter

James Hunter’s voice is best described by adjectives that have been tried on for size and worn: weathered, seasoned, vintage, hoary, experienced....