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Hilary Hughes

Culture Editor/Critic/Correspondent

Currently: MTV News! My work has appeared in Esquire, Rolling Stone, NPR Music, The New York Times, Pitchfork, Elle, and more. Say hi: hilary.jane.hughes@gmail.com

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Luciuscoverhh article
The Village Voice

How Lucius's Second Album Drove Them to Go Above, Beyond, and Nearly Insane

Holly Laessig and Jess Wolfe have just finished screaming into each other's faces. It's a rainy Tuesday night at the Gramercy Hotel's Rose Bar ...

David bowie piano rubber tracks credit willie davis village voice article
The Village Voice

The Farewell Tour: A Walk Through David Bowie's New York

"So, this is not something that would have been of any value to Tony — which is one of the reasons why I really think it's David's piano."

Bob dylan credit estate of fred w mcdarrah article
The Village Voice

50 Years After Dylan Played Forest Hills, Al Kooper Recalls 1965's Electric Summer

"These things are etched in stone whether they're true or not."

Amypazz article
The Village Voice

Here's the 'Back to Black' Story That Hit the 'Amy' Cutting Room Floor

The most stunning scene in Asif Kapadia's painful, extraordinary Amy — the new documentary tracking the rise and tragic fall of gone-too-soon pop powerhouse Amy Winehouse — is what Kapadia calls a "beautiful accident."

Daveed diggs joan marcus article
The Village Voice

'Hamilton' and Daveed Diggs Bridge the Gap Between Broadway and Rap

We hold this truth to be self-evident: Busta Rhymes, Guys and Dolls, Nirvana, and the Founding Fathers of the United States of America have one man in common, and that man is a rapper named Daveed Diggs.

Open uri20160428 10952 jbde5n article
The Village Voice

8 Days of Mariah Carey Holiday Madness: Are You There, Mariah? It's Me, Hilary

I, Hilary Hughes, hath no chill. Zero. Zilch. Nada. The chill I did have was swiftly taken away from me in a velvety flourish by Mariah Carey last night, and I am a shell of an "Oh Santa!"-bleating human for it. There's no point in being cool about it or......

Open uri20160428 10952 pclm6m article
The Village Voice

Sharon Jones's Cancer Returns: 'It's Back. I Haven't Beaten It. I Have to Beat It Up Again.'

Sharon Jones is no stranger to a standing ovation. And on September 11, in a packed movie theater in downtown Toronto, the crowd, though still on its feet, was left stunned and silent once she took the microphone. But, on this night, their reaction had as much to do with......

13 alice   credit kyler clark article
The Village Voice

Here's Why Alice Cooper Finally Made His First Covers Record

Back in the glory days of the Sunset Strip, a gang of notorious rock 'n' roll talents convened at one of its most infamous dives in secret — and Alice Cooper has assembled a serious supergroup to sing all about it.

Lone bellow credit sachyn mital village voice article
The Village Voice

This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces It to Surrender

On November 13, at about 10 p.m., the Lone Bellow sang a Paul Simon song and wept.

Open uri20160428 10952 wpyu3q article
The Village Voice

Robert Christgau Opens Up About His Memoir -- So Shut Up and Listen

"There is nothing [in my book] that is going to produce sexual arousal in anyone, I don't believe — unless you're really turned on by good prose." Robert Christgau is over talking about sex. More specifically, he's over talking about the scenes in his memoir, Going Into the City: Portrait......

Open uri20160428 10952 2ovs6p article
The Village Voice

This Is Your Brain on Cheer: What Mariah Carey's Christmas Concert Marathon Taught Me

When I initially requested review tickets for all eight of Mariah Carey's holiday concerts, I didn't think that the ask would go through just based on the sheer absurdity of it: Who would make the same reviewer sit through eight rounds of the same program in a two-week timeframe? Who......